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Text Post Wed, Sep. 19, 2012 1 note

Dear rest of the world:

No, being told that someone masturbates to me is not a compliment and will not cheer me up. It’s creepy.

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Unpopular opinion Wensday.

Fanon and canon must be treated as separate at all times. Just because something amuses you in fanart or fanfiction doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t make you furious if it actually happened in the media.

You can enjoy a pairing that would just not work in canon while appreciating how ridiculous it is.

Text Post Wed, May. 30, 2012 5 notes

There’s nothing wrong with being nice. Being nice doesn’t mean you’re hiding anything. Being nice doesn’t mean you have an ulterior motive.

Being polite doesn’t mean you’re hiding your true feelings.

Being chivalrous doesn’t mean you don’t respect women.

None of these things should be viewed as an attack.

I get the impression from blogs that people did not like Aldric and were not at all moved by his death. (Alternately, some apparently thought “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN DIE ON THIS SHOW?! EVEN IF YOU’RE LIKE, SEVENTEEN?! YOU CAN’T KILL OFF KIDS ON A PRIME TIME PROGRAM! AT LEAST NOT IF THEY’RE MAIN CHARACTERS!”) I knew it was coming, I’d gotten the impression he was a little shit; but when it happened I was still blown out of the water. Fortunately, I landed in what I believe fans call “feels”.

This unpopular opinion is simply that I liked Aldric, he may even be in my top ten companions if we can count Ben and Polly as one. (They did not separate. Ever. Every episode with Ben has Polly, every episode with Polly has Ben, and usually one is chasing the other about. Let’s just count them as one.) And the fact that I’m arguing about Ben and Polly counting as one shows how far back I’m going in comparing various companions.

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Guys. Guys. Guys.

"Skin Deep" was a good episode.


I enjoy the show Once Upon a Time, but the costuming drives me nuts. It’s so impractical; SO MANY BROCADE CLOAKS. URGH.

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Unpopular opinion Wensday.

I don’t like chocolate. It’s okay as an ingredient, but I could never eat a whole chocolate bar, and the smell of it melting make me feel ill.

And I hatechocolate chip cookies. Those things are disgusting.

Unpopular opinion Wensday.

Tom Baker is overrated.