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History is moving pretty quickly these days, 
and the heroes and villains keep on changing parts.

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50 years in the tardis

  • Season 11

A tearSarah Jane? No, don’t cryWhile there’s life, there’s

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Classic Who // New Who ParallelsThe Doctor being a giant cockblock

In five’s defence, he was less cockblocking and more buffing Peri from a creeper, but the point still stands.

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Oh sure, Jon Pertwee has a cute story as to where he got that snake tattoo.


But I am not so easily fooled.


Fuck now I’m scared of that tattoo

Apparently, in universe explanation, that tattoo mark was given to Time Lords who were in exile/disgrace. It was removed from The Doctor by the Time Lords sometime prior to Three regenerating into Four. However, those who spent time in Shada would bear this mark for the rest of their lives. The Corsair having a snake tattoo eating it’s own tail, for example, was likely showing his scorn for the practice.

(Coincidentally, The Doctor’s father, Ulysses, has this tattoo (as mentioned in Unnatural History,) it’s possible that he received it prior to his exile to Earth. However, Ulysses was already on Earth when he was exiled, and rumour was he did spend time at some point in Shada.)

Pertwee gets a drunken tattoo and the DW Universe creates an elaborate canon explanation for it. Bless the Whovians.

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Today on the constant stream of Doctor Who, it’s Planet of the Daleks. I reached the scene where the Doctor is explaining bravery.

"Courage isn’t just a matter of not being afraid, you know.  … It’s being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway."

I thought about that for a moment, and I thought about the sort of things that I’m afraid of. Largely, what I’m afraid of people.

I am totally on edge every time I leave my room. I appreciate the change of scene when I leave the house but it’s terrifying. If someone stands behind me or brushes against me in a crowd, I tend to dissolve into hysterical tears. Even though I feel like my fears are really stupid, they’re still very real and entirely too large a part of my life for my liking.

And it suddenly occurred to me that even though I hide from them a lot, I also go outside and pretend I’m perfectly normal a lot. Because if I didn’t, I would never move out from behind my computer.

And then I burst into tears.It’s going to be one of those days.

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