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Video Post Fri, Jun. 29, 2012 1,184 notes


Look At This Miracle Kitten of the DayAnakin the two-legged kitten was born without a pelvis or back legs, but it’s clear from this video that he’s none the wiser.

Don’t miss his mad iPad skillz, and be sure to follow him on Twitter.


I’m going to take a minute to marvel at the “search by image” function, because I just remembered something I read in a book once, found the book, found the image, found it did not even have the creature’s name, just a picture an the comment “reached legendary status in Italy, probably because it was never caught”.

Anyway, this cat reminds me of a much cuter, cuddlier tatzelwurm. I hope that Anakin isn’t insulted by being compared to a tatzelwurm, as he is adorable.

(Source: thedailywhat, via bloodfestbutterfly)