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Video Post Fri, Jul. 06, 2012 11 notes

☸ How hard do you ship this: Large vessel. You can get on it and not see off the sides. Heck, you  could be on it and not even be aware it’s a ship.
♚ How canon is this ship: That really depends on what you want out of your ship. They really did everything I want out of a ship on-screen: bantering, tenderly leading one another around by their elbows, pet names. Everything I would have added in saucy fanfiction is already there. Alright, perhaps in a particularly fangirlish moment I might have added a peck on the cheek. I should draw that. These two have great faces.

…Or that “I wasn’t going to kiss you." moment.
☛ This ship is usually called: Brig Three
☚Give this ship a new name: Military Fairy
☹ What’s the worst thing about this ship: Cropping Liz Shaw out of pictures.
♫ Dedicate a song to this ship: The Bitch Song by Bowling for Soup.

Interesting fact— in  that last picture, they are watching a bellydancer. I’m serious as the Valeyard.

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    He’s sexy and he knows it.
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    First, I feel I should link you to the entire gifset that butt-wiggling image came from. Second, in my huge pile of...
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    That wiggle gif is the best thing i have ever seen
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